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What Makes Emoticon HQ Unique

  • We have emoticons for all major Instant Messenger Services and even the minor ones!
  • Find emoticons based on Instant Messenger based on category
  • Learn how to create your own smilies
  • Find emoticons through our easy search tool bar
  • Enter emoticon contests

Check out just a few of our many emoticon hot key shortcuts!

Types of Emoticon
AIM Emoticons
MSN Emoticons
Google Talk Emoticons
Yahoo Messenger Emoticons
ICQ Emoticons
Trillian Emoticons
Skype Emoticons
:-) = happy AIM emoticon
:) = MSN smiley emoticon
:-) = google talk smiley emoticon
:) = yahoo smiley emoticon
:) = happy ICQ emoticon
:-) = trillian smile emoticon
:) = skype smiley emoticon
:-( = sad AIM emoticon
:( = MSN sad emoticon
:( = google talk frowning smily emoticon
:( = yahoo sad emoticon
:( = sad ICQ emoticon
:-( = trillian frowning emoticon
:( = skype sad smiley emoticon
;-) = winking AIM emoticon
;) = MSN wink
;) = google talk winking smiley emoticon
;) = yahoo winking emoticon
;) = wink ICQ emoticon
;-) = trillian winking emoticon
;) = skype winking emoticon
:-P =tongue out AIM emoticon
:p = MSN tongue out smiley emoticon
:P = google talk tongue out smiley emoticon
:P = yahoo tongue out emoticon
:P = tongue out ICQ emoticon
:P = trillian tongue out emoticon
:P = skype tongue out emoticon
:-D =laughing AIM emoticon
:-D = MSN laughing smiley emoticon
=D = google talk laughing smiley emoticon
:)) = yahoo laughing emoticon
:D = laughing ICQ emoticon
:D = trillian laughing emoticon
:D = skype laughing emoticon
:'( = crying AIM emoticon
:'( = MSN crying smiley emoticon
:'( = google talk crying smiley emoticon
:(( = yahoo crying emoticon
:'( = crying ICQ emoticon
;( = crying skype emoticon
8-) =cool AIM emoticon
(h) =MSN cool smiley emoticon
B-) = google talk cool smiley emoticon
B-) = yahoo cool emoticon
B-) = cool ICQ emoticon
B) = trillian cool emoticon
8) = skype cool smiley emoticon
>:O =angry AIM emoticon
:@ = MSN angry smiley emoticon
x-( = google talk angry smiley emoticon
X( = yahoo angry emoticon
X( = angry ICQ emoticon
:| = trillian angry emoticon
X( = angry skype emoticon
:-/ =confused AIM emoticon
8-| = MSN nerd smiley emoticon
:(|) = google talk monkey emoticon
:-c = yahoo call me emoticon
[:-} = DJ ICQ emoticon
(sleep) = trillian sleeping emoticon
(doh) = doh skype hidden emoticon

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