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Emoticon HQ Quick Facts: Meebo Instant Messenger

Meebo is very similar to Pidgin in the sense that it is an Instant Messenger (IM) service created to work on multiple IM platforms. You can use Meebo to IM friends, buddies, and contacts on Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo IM, MSN, Jabber, and AIM. Different than most IM carriers, you can also use Meebo to join a chat room and chat with other Meebo users. Meebo has a fantastic collection of animated emoticons and traditional smileys. In fact, their collection keeps growing with a great deal of secret emoticons available that aren't shown in the basic Meebo smiley set. When sending a meebo emoticon to a non-meebo user, that smiley will then be translated to look like a traditional smiley on the end user's platform. In other words, if you send a Meebo nerd emoticon to someone using MSN, the MSN user will see an MSN nerd emoticon instead.

What makes Meebo stand out? Meebo is the only IM client featerd on emoticon HQ that doesn't require a single download! Even Google Talk, an email based IM, requires a download if you want to use their full featured IM. Meebo is a 100% web-based IM platform that can remotely access your other IM services. This means that you can chat with buddies from any computer anywhere in the world! So here's a simple scenerio. Let's pretend that you are on a vacation touring Europe and you really want to keep your friends on AIM and ICQ up to date. Simply go to Meebo's website, sign in, and access to all of your IM services are at your finger tips, as well as a great deal of fun animated emoticons and smileys to help express yourself even further! Below is a list of Meebo Emoticons and hidden smileys for your reference. Unfortunately, you can not download new emoticons for use on Meebo because it is not an application. Regardless, to truly emote yourself, these great smiley shortcut keys will really help you out!

Basic Meebo Smiley Set and Shortcut Keys

ASCII text Smiley Description
:-D big grin meebo emoticon The big grin Meebo smiley
:-< frowning meebo emoticon The frowning Meebo smiley
:-> smiling meebo emoticon The smiling Meebo smiley
:-S confused meebo smiley The confused Meebo smiley
B-) cool meebo emoticon The cool Meebo smiley
(emo) emo meebo smiley The emo Meebo smiley
:-( sad meebo emoticon The sad Meebo smiley
(ghost) ghost meebo emoticon The ghost Meebo smiley
:'D crying laughter meebo emoticon The crying laughter Meebo smiley
:@) pig meebo emoticon The pig Meebo smiley
:-* kissing meebo emoticon The kissing Meebo smiley
(lol) lol meebo emoticon The LOL Meebo smiley
(m) or :(|) monkey meebo emoticon The monkey Meebo smiley
(ninja) ninja meebo emoticon The ninja Meebo smiley
:-X no speak meebo emoticon The no speak Meebo smiley
(pacman) pacman meebo emoticon The pacman Meebo smiley
(panda) panda meebo emoticon The panda Meebo smiley
:)>- peace meebo emoticon The peace Meebo smiley
(pirate) or P) pirate meebo emoticon The pirate Meebo smiley
(rapper) rapper meebo emoticon The rapper Meebo smiley
:-O shocked meebo emoticon The shocked Meebo smiley
(skull) skull meebo emoticon The skull Meebo smiley
:-\ slant meebo emoticon The slant Meebo smiley
:-) smile meebo emoticon The happy Meebo smiley
:T smirk meebo emoticon The smirking Meebo smiley
:-| speechless meebo emoticon The speechless Meebo smiley
(f) thinking meebo emoticon The thinking Meebo smiley
:P tongue out meebo emoticon The tongue out Meebo smiley
;-) winking meebo emoticon The winking Meebo smiley
(hug) hugging meebo emoticon The hugging Meebo smiley

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Hidden (Secret) Meebo Smiley Set and Shortcut Keys

ASCII text Smiley Description
(angel) angel hidden meebo smiley The angel hidden Meebo emoticon
(angry) angry hidden meebo smiley The angry hidden Meebo emoticon
:arrow: arrow secret meebo smiley The arrow hidden Meebo emoticon
b-( beetup secret meebo smiley The beetup hidden Meebo emoticon
(bender) bender secret meebo smiley The bender hidden Meebo emoticon
(unlove) broken heart secret meebo smiley The broken heart hidden Meebo emoticon
(o_O) cockeyed secret meebo smiley The cockeyed hidden Meebo emoticon
(devil) devil secret meebo smiley The devil hidden Meebo emoticon
(doraemon) doraemon secret meebo smiley The doraemon hidden Meebo emoticon
:!: exclamation secret meebo smiley The exclamation hidden Meebo emoticon
(fingerblaster) finger blaster secret meebo smiley The finger blaster hidden Meebo emoticon
:-# foot in mouth secret meebo smiley The foot in mouth hidden Meebo emoticon
(foursquare) four square secret meebo smiley The four square hidden Meebo emoticon
(genderbender) genderbender secret meebo smiley The gender bender hidden Meebo emoticon
(love) heart secret meebo smiley The heart hidden Meebo emoticon
(O_O) huge eyes secret meebo smiley The huge eyes hidden Meebo emoticon
(liar) lair secret meebo smiley The lair hidden Meebo emoticon
(loser) loser secret meebo smiley The loser hidden Meebo emoticon
(mad) mad secret meebo smiley The mad hidden Meebo emoticon
(meebo) secret meebo smiley The meebo hidden Meebo emoticon
$-) money eyes secret meebo smiley The money eyes hidden Meebo emoticon
:-B nerd secret meebo smiley The nerd hidden Meebo emoticon
(nerdpirate) nerd pirate secret meebo smiley The nerd pirate hidden Meebo emoticon
(party) party secret meebo smiley The party hidden Meebo emoticon
(?) question secret meebo smiley The question hidden Meebo emoticon
(roll) roll secret meebo smiley The roll eyes hidden Meebo emoticon
(r) rose secret meebo smiley The rose hidden Meebo emoticon
(sarcasm) sarcastic secret meebo smiley The sarcastic hidden Meebo emoticon
(sick) sick secret meebo smiley The sick hidden Meebo emoticon
(so) sleepy secret meebo smiley The sleepy hidden Meebo emoticon
:-* soccer secret meebo smiley The soccer hidden Meebo emoticon
(*) star secret meebo smiley The star hidden Meebo emoticon
(tarepanda) tarapanda secret meebo smiley The tarepanda hidden Meebo emoticon
(n) thumbs down secret meebo smiley The thumbs down hidden Meebo emoticon
(y) thumbs up secret meebo smiley The thumbs up hidden Meebo emoticon
(ultimatefrisbee) ultimate frisbee secret meebo smiley The frisbee hidden Meebo emoticon
(w) wilting flower secret meebo smiley The wilting hidden Meebo emoticon

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The Icons and Emoticons on this page are property of Meebo™ and are not to be sold, nor are they to be distributed or copied for use outside of the Meebo IM application

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